How to Build a Deck on Your Home

Having a deck at an outdoor space will be fun.  You can spend time sitting there and watching the garden or pool view.  Good news is that you have to buy a few items and you can fix your own deck board.  Read on to know how:

  1. Place:  Select the place where you want to build the deck.  This is the prime step.  You need to visualize the approximate size of the deck.  Only if you buy the materials based on this fact, it would work out perfectly.
  2. List of materials:  Prepare a complete list of materials you need for the deck building project.  It includes composite decking boards, the beams, deck piers, saw, paint, deck screws, weed etc.
  3. Construction
  4. Start by placing the deck footings at the four corners where you want to place the deck.  The deck should not be too low touching the ground.  Moisture from the ground will damage the wooden boards.  It should neither be too high.  Placing it slightly above ground level enhances its beauty.  Also, ensure that the boards and beams should be strong enough to withstand the weight of total furniture and decors placed on it.
  5.  Now that the footings are placed, cut the boards to required size.  Prepare the piers of the deck.  You have to make them waterproof.  Bury the piers firmly.
  6. Lay the wooden planks neatly on the footings.  Place the screws tightly to fit the wooden plank to the joists.  Cut the excess ends of the wooden plank.  Ensure that the deck is perfectly and stably fixed.  Now paint the deck perfectly with waterproof paint. 

Now that your deck is ready you can start decorating it.  Place cozy and beautiful furniture and few cushions.  You can add ornamental plants.  Light them brightly.  Now your deck is ready.  Have fun with your family on the deck.

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